Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Art Design of Reckoning

Hey everyone, check out this video 38 Studios' marketing team put together as part of a series called "Inside Reckoning" (That's the game I worked on that is coming out Februrary 7th).

It features my big fat head blathering on and on about concept art and such, but also shows some of my concept work, as well as pieces from many of the other artists that worked on Reckoning, such as: Andrew Murray, Jay Gillen, Shaun Martin, Jeremy Enecio, Taylor Fischer, Martin Kau, Kat Berkeley, Mike Daarken Lim , Eric Deschamps, and Jonathan Kirtz. Check it out, and also check out the DEMO of our game which is available now on XBOX, PS3, and PC!!!


Ben J Greene said...

It's gotta feel great to have this finally coming out! Really enjoyed the video and can NOT wait to explore the world you guys have made. It really speaks to what I look for in games and I'm so excited that a studio with so much fantastic imagination has made it happen!

Jodie Azhar said...

Looking forward to playing the game :)