Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another dude smoking.....

Just to illustrate my last statement, here is a recent sketch from the sketchbook. Another guy smoking. But this guy has a cat/dog-thing. Don't smoke, kids, it's bad for you. Would you really want to look like THIS guy?
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Fish Lady" WIP

"Fish Lady" WIP. I also seem to draw people smoking a lot. I guess that is another recurring theme. Weird. I used to smoke a little bit. It started to get more frequent than it should have been, so I decided to stop. But I still like the visual of weird creatures smoking... kinda like those old Hollywood head shots, only with aliens. Anyways, I should finish her up pretty soon.....
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The Fish Lady

OK, now for my first legit sketchBlog entry. Here's a new piece i am working on called "The Fish Lady". For some reason, i seem to draw fish people in my sketchbook a lot. I guess that is what you call a recurring theme. No idea what it means.... I once had a pet catfish when I was 5 or 6, guess that could have something to do with it. It lived in a little pond in our front yard for about 6 months, and then the pond kinda dried up. But amazingly, when I went to check on the fish, it was still alive! Living in the mud. So I grabbed it and took it to a nearby lake and let it go. Goodbye fish.
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