Friday, November 30, 2007

Finished Mr. Skullneck!!!!!

Finally, something "finished". Well, at least what I am willing to call finished. Nothing is ever truly finished, right?
Also, if you want to see image grabs of my process on this piece, follow this link:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Globe Chaser.....

Here's ANOTHER WIP, which is using a more "hyper-detailed, pen and ink/crosshatch" approach which I really enjoy doing, and is influenced by some of my favorite artists like Ian Miller (see link on the right), Bernie Wrightson, Gustav Dore, Arthur Rackham, Hieronymous Bosch, Peter Breughel the Elder, and Albrecht Durer. I think I just like making lines, so I want to try to do more of my personal work in this style.... let me know what you think.

More digital sketches....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And yet, some good ol' sketchbook sketches....

Here are a couple of recent sketches from the ol' sketchbook.... gotta love the pencil.....

Quickie digital sketch.

I have started doing some sketching digitally, despite my love of the pencil. I find it's better to experiment with new methods, than to get bogged down in one way of working for the rest of your life....... remember kids, a rolling stone gathers no moss.... God, that's dumb.

Another WIP: The Messenger

Here's a piece where I took three separate thumbnails from my sketchbook and cobbled them together to make another piece. I like the composition so far (thanks Kenji for the suggestion), but not sure about color. Thoughts? Any suggestions for a good direction to go with for the colors?

Mr. Skullneck

Here's a piece that I am almost done with. I started it a while back, then I got bored of it, and now I am into it again, and plan on finishing it...... sensing a "lack of focus" theme yet? But instead of fighting it, I have decided to embrace the chaos, and let the chips fall where they may.