Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's On My (Digital) Easel?

Once again, a smoking alien/creature. This guy, though, loves his c-cat (?), and is contemplating all of the horrible things he has done as VP of Explosions for Planet Crushers Intergalactic, Inc. His (Cat) doesn't judge him though, it loves him unconditionally. Ah, the love of a pet.

Taking the same approach to this piece as the Globe Chaser one. Digital inking first.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some real people, and some not so real.

Occasionally I like to draw actual people (I know, crazy, right?). Especially when I am waiting in line at the DMV, or hangin' at Barnes and Noble.

But not to worry, below are plenty of drawings of people that YOU will recognize as non-real people, although only I know the truth, for I can see things that no other man can see..... especially when I am drinking heavily.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My new publicity photo

With all the fame and fortune* I am experiencing this year, I figure it's time to update my publicity photo**.
In so doing, I came across this gem, which was taken in the Spring while picking strawberries with my nephews. That's when i discovered this very strange looking strawberry, twisted and my soul.

* - Fame = 11th place in Dominance War 2D / Fortune = a check for $200.

** - I never really had a publicity photo before this....

Also, below are some sketches from the sketchbook. Enjoy.

P.S. That's my wife in the reflection of my glasses. She is my PR specialist and official Muttonhead Industries Photographer.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

If I press my face up against it, I can almost entirely escape from reality....

I recently purchased a new, 24" Samsung monitor, pictured on the left (No that is not my permanent setup, just the temporary digs while the wife and I look for a house in Baltimore). I had once thought I would save up for my very own Cintiq, but I ultimately decided to wait and just get a huge-ass monitor to go with my huge-ass tablet instead (besides, i get to use a Cintiq at work, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both).

So anyways, below is the first thing I drew on the new monitor, sans color for now (still working out the color and brightness settings), but what was neat about this was I drew it with the monitor turned vertically. Now, many of you are probably saying: Sean, this is all old news to us, I have been rotating my monitor for years, get with the program, we are not impressed. But what you don't know is I have, up until now, been working on 19" CRT monitors. Why so late to the game? I have no idea. Leave me alone.