Monday, July 21, 2008

My new publicity photo

With all the fame and fortune* I am experiencing this year, I figure it's time to update my publicity photo**.
In so doing, I came across this gem, which was taken in the Spring while picking strawberries with my nephews. That's when i discovered this very strange looking strawberry, twisted and my soul.

* - Fame = 11th place in Dominance War 2D / Fortune = a check for $200.

** - I never really had a publicity photo before this....

Also, below are some sketches from the sketchbook. Enjoy.

P.S. That's my wife in the reflection of my glasses. She is my PR specialist and official Muttonhead Industries Photographer.

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McQuade's Bloggity Blog said...

Hi Sean! Holy Smokes - Lookin good - Your work is FANTABULOUS - Really blowin my mind - Congrats on all the success!