Thursday, August 28, 2008

Light at the end of the Digital Easel

Progress on these pieces. My wife thinks they have a similar color scheme, and I think she is right. She thinks maybe there is some deep inner meaning behind the color choices.... I think she's a loon-bat! These colors mean nothing to me....NOTHING! I HATE these colors.... they beat me as a child.

Anyways. The Smoking guy is almost done except for the background and some other small details, but I was thinking about adding some wallpaper back there... what do you think?

Some news - I will be teaching a Fantasy Art class at Maryland Institute College of Art starting in the Spring semester of 09. I am excited about it, but nervous too... this will be my first real class that I have taught on my own... but what an exciting thing to teach! There is so much to think about! Let me know if you have any ideas about how I should approach it.. I want it to be an intelligent class that encourages the students to break new ground with Fantasy Art, and not just tread the same old tired ground....

Other news - I just finished 4 freelance pieces for Wizards of the Coast. When I am able to post them, I will.