Sunday, July 20, 2008

If I press my face up against it, I can almost entirely escape from reality....

I recently purchased a new, 24" Samsung monitor, pictured on the left (No that is not my permanent setup, just the temporary digs while the wife and I look for a house in Baltimore). I had once thought I would save up for my very own Cintiq, but I ultimately decided to wait and just get a huge-ass monitor to go with my huge-ass tablet instead (besides, i get to use a Cintiq at work, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both).

So anyways, below is the first thing I drew on the new monitor, sans color for now (still working out the color and brightness settings), but what was neat about this was I drew it with the monitor turned vertically. Now, many of you are probably saying: Sean, this is all old news to us, I have been rotating my monitor for years, get with the program, we are not impressed. But what you don't know is I have, up until now, been working on 19" CRT monitors. Why so late to the game? I have no idea. Leave me alone.

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Brendan Keough said...

sweet new gear!

I was recently acquainted with the massive monitor/intuos combo at work (26" monitor, 6x11" tablet) and for the first time, found it comfortable to digital linework!

happy to see the new posts, have to take a look at the others now. :)