Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fantasy Mega-structure sketch, plus: Spectrum News!

OK, sorry I have been absent for a while, a few things to report:
1. I am working on my first personal commission! I will be sure to post that when it's done, but I only just started so it may be a while. Plus, it may also depend on whether the buyer is OK with me posting it right away.
2. Spectrum 17 comes out soon, and my piece "Oops" is featured in the Unpublished section. But ALSO, they use a portion of my piece on the inside front cover, which you can see a sneak peek of on this youtube video (it's the second page they flip to and it has 6 horizontal strips of various pieces from the book, part of "Oops" is the top one!). The book hits the shelves on November 1st (ish).
3. Finally, I am working on an ambitious, and likely very time-consuming personal project, which, for the moment, I am going to remain fairly mum about, but once I feel that it is progressing in a satisfactory way, I will start dropping some hints and some visuals to see what you guys think. So, my posts may be a little more scarce (although they have been scarce already, haha), but I will try to post things when I can.
For now, here's a quick sketch from the old sketchbook, kind of a fantasy super-structure idea.... plus a fancy-lookin dude to the right of it.


Sam Gauss said...

You forgot the most important thing which is that you're teaching a SUPER AWESOME class full of MAD TALENTED students.. :D

Eagerly awaiting more updates on all your projects!

Ben Greene said...

Oh man, congrats! Also, can't wait to hear more about what you're up to.

I moved to FL, did I tell you? Would have liked to have sketched once more before scuttling off :(

McLean Kendree said...

How DARE you keep us in suspense. I know we go WAAAAAYYYYYY back, but I'm not sure I can let this one slide.

ps - kewl sketches!