Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Class Demos - promising pieces?

Last night I did a digital painting demo for my friend and co-worker Colin Campbell's digital illustration class at MICA. These are by no means finished, but I think they are showing promise. As always, they started from sketches from my sketchbook, as you may recognize the images from previous posts.

I especially think I may continue working on the street scene image.

Both done in under 2 hours.


M*P*Lockwood said...

I don't know if this is intentional, but I like how the deer is starting to look like it is made of rotten wood, with branches for antlers and dead leaves for wings. It's the spirit of autumn! Don't know if you;d want to develop this piece in that direction, but I thought it might give you an idea for another one.

Ben Greene said...

Super keen!

Matt Conti said...

Dude! I'm quite jealous I wasn't at that demo! Either way, I'm liking these!

Colin Campbell said...

These are great. The class was talking about your visit a lot the next week. As always, thank you so much. Your visit made a huge impact, and I personally always love getting to see you paint.