Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wizard Meet-up

I've been working on this sketch in my sketchbook. Got the idea after watching Harry Potter, then going to the aquarium. Wizards are so fun to draw, and can look like anything. I want this piece to have a really spooky, back-alleys of London kind of feel to it. Also, when I was trying to say "fish-wizard" to my wife, I ended up saying "Wish-Fizard", which I think is actually a great name for a magical creature. So don't steal it. I OWN Wish-Fizard.


Rick Smith said...

This is great so far Sean. I especially like the lich and Wish Fizard. Hah...Wish Fizard is dope!

Do you plan anything with the foreground or is it going to be obscured in creepy city mists?

Mike Burns said...

I like the plethora of personalities here, it's got me wondering where they're all coming from and what brings such a diverse group of beings together.

Lady T said...

Brilliant :) The middle guy almost looks like he's tied on a load of wands to his head in hopes to be extra magical!

Sean Andrew Murray - aka Muttonhead - aka SAM said...

Rick - I was thinking just creepy mist, but maybe I should play around with a foreground element... the 'ol wagon-wheel as my professors called it.

Mike - Thanks! Yeah, tat's exactly what I was going for.

Lady T - Thanks! Haha, yeah it does appear that way, doesn't it?