Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Exposure, with interview and CONTEST!

The nice folks at Zip and Ruth have kindly featured me on their blog this week, which includes links to my work, an interview, and a contest! The prize is a free print from my etsy printshop. Check it out!


Grace Liu said...

Congratulations! Also grats on the great work on Kingdoms of Amalur. Just saw the website today and it looks like a really fun project to work on. Looking forward to playing the game :)

FENTON said...

Hey Man it was nice to meet you at the con on friday. Really dig the work you have here, really nice stuff man!

andrew domo said...

Wow, what a find to run into your blog, Sean. Such amazing work. Really enjoying your drawings. Thanks for sharing!p

Sean Andrew Murray - aka Muttonhead - aka SAM said...

THanks everyone!

Grace - thanks a bunch, I am going to post some pics from the event soon... including some cool sculpts of creatures from the game.

Adam - yeah it was cool to meet you too, man. Your stuff rocks too, you are a concept MACHINE!

Andrew - Thanks a lot, glad you found me! Your work is extrememly impressive, I love the filmlike atmosphere and qualities of your images. Thanks for stopping by!