Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Because I of my insatiable thirst for acceptance, and my undying love of fish-people, I have decided to enter the DOMINANCE WAR III competition... (just kidding about the thirst for acceptance... I just want a free Cintiq).

Anyways, here is the first round of ideas I am playing with. The theme of the competition is something along the lines of: "Futuristic Fantasy Character who uses Magic instead of Technology because Technology was Wiped Out, but now Mysterious Robots have Returned and your Character must Fight this New Threat using Some Sort of Magical Device"

So Naturally I thought of doing a fish-wizard of some sort (makes sense, right?):


M*P*Lockwood said...

Have to say, while all these fish wizards look very cool, based on yr description I bet the judges will look just as hard at the "magical device." Most of these guys look like they have some fishy-technology gun. I think you should give them some more bizarre magicky-talisman-thingamajig. Given your ability to dream up thingamajigs, I bet you could come up with something wild.

I suppose the "magical device" could be something huge as well, not necessarily a hand-held thing. Like a suit of armor or a vehicle.

marctaro said...

HA! good concepts so far - I like your subversive direction - me and Matt G (who you met in Seattle) are also going for something abnormal :)

You really have to do a comic based on "shadow out of innsmouth"...!


Name: Tara Renee said...
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