Saturday, March 9, 2013

Updates: Sketchbook off to print and Spectrum Nomination!

OK, got a couple of things to update you guys on.


In case you haven't been following my Kickstarter, one of the stretch goals was to print a collection of my sketchbook sketches in book form. Said book is now in the process of being printed and should be available in about a month, and will also be available at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 convention (May 17 - 19 in Kansas City).

I will also find a way to make the book available for purchase by anyone who missed the Kickstarter and wants to have their own copy. Here is a peek at the cover of the book:

The other news is: I was nominated for a Gold or Silver Award for the editorial category in Spectrum 20! It is an amazing honor and is the first time I have been nominated (Though Spectrum only started publicly announcing nominations last year with the kick-off of the first Spectrum Live). I'm up against some very tough competition in my category, all the pieces are amazing. It's also an honor to be included amongst this list of artists I admire greatly. Thanks goes to all the judges (Tim Bruckner, Irene Gallo, Tim Kirk, Mark A. Nelson, and Michael Whelan) for their hard work this year!

Here is the video of the nominations, and below is the full list, and below that is the piece that was nominated, which was used in an article about Kickstarter projects in ImagineFX Magazine..

Here's the list of Nominations from Spectrum's website:

  • Craig Elliott: Forest Awakening
  • Michael C. Hayes: Procession
  • Android Jones: Ganeshatron
  • Greg Ruth: Three Outlaw Samurai
  • Dan Dos Santos: Dragon Empress
  • Brom: Wipi
  • William O'Connor: Wargriffin
  • David Palumbo: Fed
  • Shaun Tan: Never Leave a Red Sock on the Clothesline
  • Charles Vess: Tanglewood: I Didn't Know She Was a Bottle Witch
  • Jennifer L. Meyer: Aesop's Ark, Ch. 2, P2
  • David Petersen: Mouse Guard Black Axe #4, Page 19
  • Paolo Rivera: Daredevil #10
  • Paolo Rivera: Captain America #1
  • João Ruas: Fables #121
  • Daniel Dociu: Guild Wars 2, Norn Lodge
  • Theo Prins: Southsun Cove
  • Paul Sullivan: Franken-animal
  • Justin Sweet: Marauders 2
  • Allen Willams: Tree of Tales
  • Dan Chudzinski: Turbulence
  • David Meng: Sashimi
  • Virginie Ropars: Mothra
  • Virginie Ropars: Acanthopis III
  • Katya Tal: Blanket Fairy
  • Sam Bosma: Stability
  • Chris Buzelli: Book Monster
  • Sean Andrew Murray: He's Gone Full-Bird  (That's me!!)
  • Victo Ngai: Best of the Best
  • Sam Weber: Cancer Monster
  • Ed Binkley: A Cob of Chiseldon-Brimble
  • Lucas Graciano: Dragon Swarm
  • Tyler Jacobson: Ruric Thar, The Unbowed
  • Kekai Kotaki: Stampede
  • David Palumbo: Taken

  • Cory Godbey: The Fish Master
  • Lucas Graciano: Guardianship
  • Kekai Kotaki: Ride
  • Andrew Mar: Tell-Tale Heart
  • Tohru Patrick Awa: Sudden Shower


Victor Maury said...

Congrats Sean, well deserved!

Schastlivaya Alexandra said...

I missed kickstarter but I'm waiting for your book to buy it! It seems to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

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