Monday, May 7, 2012

Book of Wizards is a GO!

As I have posted on Facebook, Twitter and on my Kickstarter page, I have reached and exceeded, my 10k funding goal in less than a week! Amazing! I am truly humbled and amazed by all the support.

Here is a sneak peek at a piece that is currently in progress for the book, you may recognize the sketch from an earlier post here on the blog!

Thanks everyone!



Mike Burns - said...

Congrats! Are you still accepting donations? If so, how much longer? If I can round up the cash I would be happy to chip in and get me a pre-order :)

Sean Andrew Murray said...

Mike - the campaign still has 22 days left in it, so it just keeps going until that time is up. I am going to come up with some "stretch goals" to incentivise further pledging. I am so excited to have raised the neccessary funds to make the book, but it would be nice to raise more in order to print a book of sketches, produce an e-book, etc.

bill said...

Congrats on the funding Sean. I have an idea for Kickstarter but no time. This looks like a great project. Love to see it come together. And good work on the Spectrum entries.

Ben J Greene said...

Way to go man! The people have spoken, haha. I'm looking forward to my goodies and am totally hoping you reach that 15k mark...mmMMmm sketchbooks :D