Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Books with my art!

Hey all, just wanted to remind everyone that Spectrum 18 is finally out! In it you will find a nice full-page treatment of my "Wizard Alley" piece on page 268 (As well as nearly 300 pages of other incredible artists in the fantasy and Sci-fi genre)! Woohoo! You can buy it here on amazon:

Also, while I was at IlluXcon, I ran into awesome artist Jim Pavelec, who gave me my complimentary copies of his new book "Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones", which features 3 pencil drawings of mine. It's an amazingly beautiful book, and well worth buying, though you should hurry because there are a limited number of editions as I understand it. You can get it one of two ways, either from Amazon:

That is all. More sketch pages coming soon.


Ben J Greene said...

Def checking out those two sketch books :D

Jordan Calher said...

Sean, your art is wicked. I'm glad you're hooked up with RPGs -- personally, RPGs and their companion art totally blew my mundane world apart while growing up. In a good way.

I'm a novelist, as of yet unpublished. I think your talent could definitely work with it. I just finished an urban fantasy about a girl in New England who has her world blown apart, remnant Voodoo Barons propelling her on wild rides while she fights the demon raging in her veins.

I have the 1st chapter posted on my blog or the first 5 on my site: jordancalher(dot)com. Let me know what you think. Thanks