Monday, March 7, 2011

Reckoning concept art that I can finally show!

So, today there are a bunch of articles all over the 'net about the game I have been working on: "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning", like these:

Gamespot Article

G4 TV Article

Joystiq Article

RPGFan Article (Be sure to check out their extensive screenshots gallery too)

So, since some of the articles feature some of the concept art I did for the game, I figured I would show it on my blog! So, enjoy!


chukw said...

Fucking awesome is what comes to mind.

Sabin Boykinov said...

Inspirational stuff Sean !

Mike Burns said...

Awesome post :) love the color palette on the 4th one especially. Those creatures are sweet!

McLean Kendree said...

I might be biased, but HELL YEAH!!

Lady T said...

Art overload, woooooooow! Amazing stuff :D

Sean Andrew Murray said...

Thanks everyone!

Ben Greene said...

Man, I know it feels good to post these! All are great but my fav is the last one. I remember talking over this one while you were still mid process. I think we got talking of our mutual love for Beksinski's work.

Awesome stuff!

Taylor Fischer said...

yaaaay! Im glad we can finally show of some of the swanky awesome art :D

purdy stuff as always!