Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gateway Journal Entry - Day 01 : It's the Little Things

A drawing of a lamp. Hardly seems like an exciting way to start off my travel journal of Gateway, but when I saw it, it seemed oddly appropriate.

I guess it's because so many things in this city are more than "just a lamp", like they often are back home. The uncommon is common here in Gateway, a city that teems with creatures and beings and people from an unknowable variety of places.

This lamp is in the lobby of the pension that I checked in to this morning after a very long and "tricky" journey here. The old lady who runs the place, her name is Szerta I think, tells me her grandfather bought it from a travelling junk salesman in the Nathru-Val. She says they used to be very trendy a couple of centuries ago…. I don't know if you can see it in my drawing, but when you turn the light on, a bit of smoke comes out of the cigar on the little face in the middle… there were, apparently, a variety of lamps like this that had little smoking faces…. I guess it's no weirder than the wall-mounted singing fish that were popular back home several years ago…

It's just one of the many bizarrely intricate and fascinating things that I seem to be finding around every corner here. I consider myself very lucky to have been given this opportunity to come to Gateway and draw what I see.

My mysterious benefactor/client has made sure I have enough time, money, supplies, and resources to really dive deep into life in Gateway, and record it for curious types back home. Although I have planned to be here for about a year, I can see how it would really take a lifetime to truly explore this unbelievably vast and intricate city, maybe two lifetimes.

So, I am going to unpack, study some street maps (no easy task, I assure you) and plan my route for tomorrow. I will try to post these as often as possible, but, as you can imagine, it's tricky getting information back and forth. Wish me luck!


Ted Terranova said...

Oh man, that reads so well. So glad I opened my reader just now. You making a sketch journal of a fictitious city is brilliant. It's perfect for your stuff. It'll make a great book. And again, the writing is really good. I like how it hints at a bigger world around this city that you're recording. Can't wait to see more "artifacts". And please draw Szerta soon :)

McLean Kendree said...

Urr'thang Ted said. <3

Chesapeake maids said...

I hope to visit Gateway soon. You are a very good artist. It's really awesome to include your artwork in your blog.

Ben Greene said...

Ha! Brilliant....send me a post card :D

Kelley said...

You are so my favorite.

Erik Ross said...

it's a real lamp??? wow! that's interesting!!!!

~Ames~ said...

Amaizng picture! And I like your style of writing, i really do :DD Hope to see more of this, and learn of your adventures in Gateway, which if I may ask, is where?

See ya soon!

Sean Andrew Murray said...

Ted - Thank you! I hope I can maintain a consistent voice and a good writing style... I am really just kinda winging it. Also, your wish is my command.

Thanks McLean

Chesapeake Maids - Cool, thanks... do you guys operate in the Baltimore area? Haha!

Ben - Thankee!

Kalley - Thanks!

Erik - Depends on your definition of "real" Haha.

Ames - Thanks.... you'll find out if you keep reading... ;)