Saturday, September 4, 2010

Couple O Sketches, and Thanks!

Here are just a couple little sketch pages for ya.

Pretty much done with the Wizards in the Alley piece, just had a few minor finishing touches I wantred to put on it, then I will post it.

I also wanted to thank everyone who came to my booth at Baltimore COmic-Con, it was great! I had a blast, and I sold almost 40 prints! WOOHOO! I am thinking I might try to do a couple more conventions next year, it went so well.

Anyways, enjoy!


Ben Greene said...

These sketches are a lot of fun. I actually jumped in the car with my wife and kids and tried to make it out to the con last minute but traffic was horrible because of the rallies in DC. We decided to just go to the Lego store in our mall here.
Good to hear it went so well for you though!
Go check out my blog for my latest and greatest news. It's crazy! Speaking of, I need to ask you some questions. Look for an e-mail!

Lady T said...

The shark guy is my fave, that guy looks like he's pretty tough, but could be fun to drink with (a weird interpretation, but anyway!).

Sean McNally said...

Loooooove these sketches, man!