Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wizards in an Alley WIP

Hey everyone, here is some progress on this piece. Really trying to nail the mood here. Tell me what you think so far... is it too dark? Not dark enough?


Rick Smith said...


Ben Greene said...

I honestly love the direction you're going with this. Not too dark, not too light. Sexy lighting and a mysterious atmosphere to boot!

Anonymous said...

Those crystals above their heads have to be my favorite. I would imagine sitting in a tavern set to your environment and seeing one of those guys brooding at the bar, scratching at the counter. The place is packed, save for those two chairs on both of his sides. Like that damn thing above his head is a boon of his accomplishments but a bane to his social world.


Geoff Shupe said...

the dramatic light/dark is very well played.
but just to be curious as to how you would do it,see what would happen, maybe make the glowy things, well, more glowy. just adding a little more of their local light to the relative immediate areas. eh?

Daniel Hardesty said...

Been following your posts with this particular sketch Sean...great stuff!

I would say that this piece could definitely use some bounced light, or a completely "conjured" light, to highlight some of the forms in the dark areas. If you had a tighter shot of the wizard's heads this might work better, but with the composition consisting of all 4 of these guys it seems like I'm wanting to see a little more in the bottom portion of the painting. Not much! Just a little something to give me an idea and establish each form a bit. Perhaps a more dramatic color variation between the lamplight and the wizard holding the small orb? Not sure about that thought, might just be a preference there.

Just my two cents though, of course take it or leave it. Piece is looking good, can't wait to see it finished!

Vinod Rams said...

Really nice lighting. I think adding some reflected or bounced light wouldn't hurt. Also adding some foreground mist or steam from an unseen sewer grate would give the piece some death. But even if you didn't touch it, it would be awesome.

Matthew Conti said...

I agree with Daniel. I think it really could use some under-light to really show a nice contrast in color, even the slightest bit.

Very well top-down lighting, it has much interest. Nice!!

Daniel Hardesty said...

Great seeing you at the Balt. Con Sean. I really appreciated you and your cohorts takin' the time to check out my son's artwork. It meant a lot to him and me. It's one thing for your dad to give your artwork a look...even if he is an artist. It's another thing entirely for another artist to give some critique and encouragement. Enjoy the rest of the Con and thanks again!

BTW fellow posters...this piece, "Wizards in an Alley", even in print form has a lot more clarity in person and I would say needs only what touches Sean would want to give it! Just FYI.