Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mirror Maid - Work in Progress

So, though my freetime lately has been scant (you know, work, baby, freelance), I have been slowly working on this personal piece that I call "The Mirror Maid". The great and wise McLean Kendree gave me some pointers on this one, which I plan on incorporating. Let me know what YOU think!


Sabin Boykinov said...

I'm a big fan of your art !
Keep this inspirational works up.

Sean Andrew Murray - aka Muttonhead - aka SAM said...

Wow, thanks Sabin! I really love your work too! I am a sucker for detail, and you paintwith really beautiful colors. Your "Kings" pieces remind me of astory by H.P. Lovecraft I am reading right now called "The Silver Key". Thanks fr dropping by! I will be following your blog as well!

Ben Greene said...

Dig it! I especially like the face on the back of the mirror and something about her hands keep drawing my attention (in a good way). I'm looking forward to seeing the next step.