Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blasto from El Pasto!

OK, so this is a piece I did in 2000, but which I still have in my portfolio. It's maybe one of my more successful pieces I think. Problem is, I have had a very bad scan of it for many years (it was done in pen and ink and water color). So I decided to take it out of the frame and re-scan it. This time I scanned it at a very high resolution, and I did not photoshop it at all, because I think it stands on it's own merits pretty well.

Looking closely at this piece reminded me of what I really love about drawing. I think I often have to remind myself of these things because I know that I can sometimes stray from the essential joy of drawing in favor of some percieved aesthetic expectations. I can't allow that to happen. I like getting back to my pen and ink roots.....



Fshoo said...

Wooooooh! Love it! I saw your latest work on CA recently, great stuff man.

Very original, and I really like your style.


Sean Andrew Murray - aka Muttonhead - aka SAM said...