Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spectrum Errors, Hector the Kitty, and Screaming Bunny Monsters.

So, Spectrum 15 came out this weekend! There's yours truly's piece on page 173, and fellow BHG'ers Sang Han and McLean Kendree are in there too! It's really awesome to finally have a piece grace the hallowed pages of Spectrum. A minor gripe though: They got the name of the piece wrong.... d'oh! The name they have it listed as is "Skullneck", which is the OTHER piece I entered but did not get in. Oh well, not a biggie. Now I just have to get into Spectrum 16 so that people don't think it was just a fluke.

Anyways, my friend Unkie Dev and I have been collecting art found in the trash for many years. We have built up quite a collection, which includes pieces with such amazing names as "Boob Cave", and "Nature's Bounty". Now, my wife Kathleen has gotten into the act... she rescued this gem from certain oblivion... enjoy:

Finally, this is what is on my drawing table at the moment.... I have no idea what it is, or why it is, but let me know what you think of it so far....


Anonymous said...

What an awesome picture of a cat your wife came across.

Tyler said...

Looks like you've finally lost it. And I'm pretty sure that's what you were shooting for, right? This guy looks like the Mad Hatter after he was exhumed. I love it.

Francis Vallejo said...

congrats! nice work on the blog!

-rallyRAYS- said...

WOW, i love this sketch of the twisted dog and it's owner.
This piece shows more dynamic movement then your other works... really feels like you took a snap shot of the moment.

Sean Andrew Murray - aka Muttonhead - aka SAM said...

Thanks everyone!

Tyler - Yes, I have completely lost it indeed.... and how sweet it is!

Francis - congrats on the pieces you got into Spectrum! Awesome stuff!

Mr. Rays - thanks man! I have made more progress on it since I posted that, so I will try to post it soon. I think I realized that a lot of my work was a bit stiff, and so I am experimenting with more movement and flow in my scenes.... glad it shows!